Needle Aponeurotomy

After becoming involved with needle aponeurotomy for several years, I decided to make a public presentation on the topic to my peers. I organized and moderated an instructional course lecture on new treatment options for Dupuytren's as part of the 2006 program of the annual scientific session of the American Society for Surgery of the Hand. The panel was made up of the following speakers:
  • Dr. Lawrence Hurst, Stony Brook, New York - overview Dupuytren's and the role of collagenase treatment
  • Dr. M Heinrich Seegenschmiedt, Essen, Germany  - Radiotherapy for Dupuytren's
  • Dr. Keith Denkler from Larkspur, California - Review surgical outcomes and complications
  • Dr. Charles Eaton, Jupiter, Florida - Terminology and Methodology of Needle Aponeurotomy
  • Dr. Zidel, Plantation, Florida - Needle Aponeurotomy in everyday practice
  • Dr. Gary Pess, Eatontown, New Jersey - Economic considerations for the patient
This was presented on Sept 7 2006 to a full audience of about 300 hand surgeons and hand therapists. It was well received and was followed by a lively discussion. Screen shots of the presentations are shown below, and at the bottom of this page is a flash version of the presentation on Needle Aponeurotomy. 

Dr. Hurst

Dr Siegenschmiedt

Dr. Denkler

Dr. Eaton

Dr. Zidel

Dr. Pess

Slides from Dr. Eaton's lecture are shown below in this flash presentation.
Click on the image below to start the slide show.
Hit "page down" and "page up" on the keyboard to navigate forward and backward through the presentation.
Please Note:
This is a partial version of a presentation made for health care professionals,  not an instructional manual on technique. This procedure should only be performed by a surgeon trained in standard surgical techniques, and ideally only after seeing the procedure in person.

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