Instructions for use of Coban Therapy

Patients using Coban dressing changes are given the following information. Coban is difficult to find and the office will often supply the patient with their first roll. Coban (or Co-Flex, which is basically identical) is available irregularly in pharmacies. Four inch wide Coban is often available at feed stores or other stores catering to livestock. This is perfectly suitable for use on the hand. Coban may be placed directly over an open wound without an intervening layer of gauze, as long as the wound has minimal drainage. It is easiest for the patient to fashion a finger bandage by cutting the Coban into 4 strips prior to application. Even if the Coban is covering the fingertip, it is usually necessary to wrap the Coban just proximal to the proximal interphalangeal joint to prevent the dressing from being accidentally dislodged. If adjacent fingers are individually wrapped with Coban, they will often stick together. To prevent this, the patient may place a piece of tape along the side of one of the fingers to form a barrier to adherence, or may rub Vaseline or similar greasy ointment on the side of one of the fingers to prevent the fingers from sticking together.

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