EPL repair early mobilization therapy

0 - 4 weeks:

The patient is placed in a dynamic extension splint with the wrist in 30 to 45 degrees of extension and the basal joint placed in full extension and abduction. Dynamic extension of the interphalangeal joint and metacarpal phalangeal joint is instituted with an outrigger and either a sling or eyelet glued to the thumbnail. The patient is started on active flexion and passive extension exercises four to six times daily.

4 - 6 weeks:

The wrist component is discontinued.

6 - 12 weeks:

The dynamic splint is discontinued. Active extension is encouraged and active flexion splinting and/or electrical stimulation is instituted depending on the range of motion. At eight weeks, strengthening is instituted and the patient can be expected to return to full work activities at 12 weeks.

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